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Vision Procedures

Adult and Pediatric Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus, best known as "crossed eyes," is an eye misalignment caused by an imbalance of the muscles responsible for eye movement. A person with strabismus is unable to align both eyes simultaneously under normal conditions. This is a condition frequently found in children, although contrary to popular belief, children do not outgrow strabismus. It is also important to note that strabismus surgery does not resolve amblyopia, a condition that causes poor vision as a result of the brain ignoring one or both eyes.

Strabismus surgery commonly entails the moving of an eye muscle to a new position on the eye if weakening of muscles is required. This loosens the muscle's pull on the eye. Alternatively, the surgeon may remove of a section of muscle to shorten the muscle when strengthening of eye muscles is required. This tightens the muscle's pull on the eye. After surgery, the eye will understandably be sore and may exhibit a scratchy sensation for a few days. Frequently, there is blood and redness evident in the region of the surgery. This is the equivalent to bruising on the skin. Eye redness and other discomfort should resolve within two to three weeks. Normal activities can be resumed a few days after the surgery. Success of the alignment will be evident in the first few days following surgery; however, permanent results may take 4-6 weeks. Repeat surgeries are possible and glasses may be required to fine tune vision following surgery.

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